Brass Celestial Hare Pendant
This Hare Pendant is my own take on a wearable Masquerade Hare pendant, from the
famous book Masquerade.

The Masquerade Hare was the reason I first studied making jewellery many many years
ago now. And when I later moved to my present home and saw the wild hares leaping
in the fields around us, it seemed natural that I should create this piece as my first of
my Hare collections

This one is made from hand beaten Brass copper and silver, hand sawn by myself and
bearing the ancient mark of the spiral that all my pieces carry, placed on it's hind leg
to symbolise the strength in the Hares legs as it leaps towards it's destiny.
A Sterling Silver hare is available on my etsy shop.

It is approx 7 by 7 cm

The Spiral bale symbolises the creative currents of the universe, whilst the gemstone
bead, suspended from the silver chain below, represents the sleeping moon over which
the Hare is leaping.

Please choose a gemstone bead from the list below and then let me know which youd
like on your hare pendant :)

Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Lapis lazuli
Tigers Eye
Black Onxy

The pendant design will be made for you upon ordering... Can come with a Silver
18"/45cm Chain and is packed in a beautiful decorative Organza Purse.

Brass CelestialHare Pendant NO Chain




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Brass CelestialHare Pendant WITH Chain




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