My jewellery is inspired by wild Hares and nature which encourage
my creativity and imagination. I’m also Influenced by Fairy Celtic
magic as well as my all time fav's Kit Williams and his Masquerade
All my Jewellery is Hand Made and designed to order by me in
Silver and mixed metals. I’m a Vegan Witch crafting on the North
Yorkshire Moors amidst the purple heather and dancing Hares.

I Ship world wide, and i am always open to new ideas for
commissions. Free Postage on all items unless stated otherwise.

None of my pieces are Hallmarked but their is nothing to stop
you getting them hallmarked yourself should you wish to.
Most of my work is cold joined (not soldered or mass cast)
so you can easily take them apart to clean or alter if needed.

I am a trained Silversmith and I have taught jewellery making
Classes both private and for adult education. I design and make
all of my jewellery.
My favourite is to work in sterling silver but I also enjoy creating in
gold when customers request it, and often Include copper and
brass into my designs for colour tone effect.

All items are hand crafted by myself when ordered as I don’t keep
any items in stock which allows me to adapt items or personalise
them for you when you order. This also means that each item will
be slightly different from the others making them truly different
and unique one off pieces of wearable art.

I always send items “signed for” when I can for your peace of
mind. Although each piece takes time to make, if someone has a
Deadline I am happy to work with you to reach it

Bright Weaving's to all my customers for all the festivals, and
any Vegans who may be peeping :)

Most of my profits go to helping animal charities including Sab's
and anti cull groups :)
Contact by email
If customers wish to order an item but don’t
Want to use Etsy you can contact me and
Still pay privately via PayPal for your item.